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Our projects for 2019

Pampy, Madu, Khala and Tanky

The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation now has 4 sun bear cubs!

-Pampy (6 months old) female, arrived at BOS Samboja on 14 September, now going out in the forest every day at the rescue centre.

-Madu (7 months old) male, arrived at BOS Samboja on 17 November, now friends with Pampy and just about to begin going out in the forest with her.

-Khala (3 months old) female, arrived at BOS Samboja on 18 October, too small to be with Pampy or Madu, but goes for walks in the forest between her milk bottles and her naps.

-Tinka (3 months old) female, now at Nyaru Manteng, the other BOS centre in Central Kalimantan. (soon to be transferred to Samboja)

Pampy Oct 2019

Pampy Oct 2019

I’m suggesting to BOS that we try release Pampy and Madu in one of their orangutan release sites, and Khala and Tinka in another. The plan would be to get Pampy and Madu out there in March 2020 and Khala and Tinka in April or May 2020. Then they would be “walked” daily in the forest for about 18 months, until they become independent and autonomous. It’s a unique opportunity to give these 4 orphaned cubs a chance to live the life that they should have had. If we don’t do it now, they will spend the next 25 to 30 years in captivity.

Madu Nov 2019

Madu Nov 2019

I have 2 volunteers helping me now at Samboja with the cubs, but they won’t be staying long, a third volunteer is coming soon with an 18 months commitment to take the two older cubs out. So I’m still looking for another long term volunteer for the two younger cubs.

Khala Oct 2019

Khala Oct 2019

Sun Bear Outreach and BOS Switzerland are fundraising for this, to pay for the expenses of the cubs, the local staff needed and to reimburse the expenses of the volunteers.

Thanks for helping.


It’s a chance for all of us to do something right!


November 2019 Update

Maria arrived at Samboja Lestari in East Kalimantan, Borneo in 2008 with her male partner called Fahri. They were both originally from Sumatra and had spent some years in a rescue centre in Sulawesi. At Samboja they were kept…


All is going well with the construction of the enclosures at the Borneo Orangutan Survival sanctuary in Samboja, East Kalimantan. We recently received 7 new bears from the other BOS sanctuary in Nyaru Menteng who will soon be going…

2nd May 2019 UPDATE

I’m happy to write that the 4 bears Jojo, Haq, Christie and Wiwin are now enjoying their new home called Enclosure F : a 0,8 hectare (2 acres) enclosure of dense rainforest. These bears have known nothing more than…

January 20th 2019 update

Thanks to the financial support of BOS Switzerland, the construction of the sun bear enclosures at BOS Samboja Lestari in East Kalimantan Indonesia is going very well. Rather than making the enclosures one by one as we had been…

September 2018 update

It took longer than planned, but Enclosure E was finally completed in June and 3 bears, Oscar, Arkana and Sibear are now enjoying it. Arkana is particularly happy because she really hates being locked up. She arrived at Samboja…

30 April 2018 Update

We are still working on the construction of Enclosure E at the sun bear sanctuary of BOSF in East Kalimantan. The rains and the difficulty of bringing the supplies to the construction site have considerably slowed the progress but…

10 February 2018 Update

At the Sun Bear Sanctuary of BOSF Samboja Lestari, Kalimantan, Indonesia, Windi and Petung have been enjoying the Enclosure D with its 0,67 Ha of forest since January 17th. Windi has hardly been seen since the 17th, she spends…

20 December 2017 Update

At the Sun Bear Sanctuary of BOSF Samboja Lestari, Kalimantan in Indonesia, Enclosure D is now almost complete and fully paid for. It will be the new home for 3 bears who have spent most of their lives in…

13th September update

At the Sun Bear Sanctuary of BOSF Samboja Lestari, Kalimantan, Indonesia, we built 3 large forest enclosures from January to September 2017 for a total of 13 bears. Our objective is to build another 12 enclosures over an area…