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Our project for 2017

Apang before

Apang before

The 3 sun bears, Apang, Kecil and Dawai, have been given access to the small enclosure since January 8th. It took a few trials for Apang and Kecil to understand the electric fencing but they now completely avoid touching the wires. After many years spent in small cages on cement flooring, they can finally enjoy a bit of space, some vegetation, the earth under their feet and stuff to climb. Life is much better for them today than it’s been in a long time.

It’s been more difficult for Dawai, our 3rd candidate to test the electric fencing in the small enclosure. His eyesight is so bad that he can’t see the electric wires on the fence as he approaches them. He was repeatedly getting zapped by bumping into the wires unable to understand what was happening, nor how to avoid getting more zaps. So we stopped the training for Dawai and we’ll have to find another solution… electric fencing is not adequate for bears with too poor eyesight.

Apang now - in small enclosure

Apang now – in small enclosure

Construction of the 2 Ha forest enclosure is going well. 150 meters of new fencing on the South side have been build, and we have another 140 m to go on the East side. We hope to finish the enclosure by the end of February 2017. We are now budgeting the making of another 2 forest enclosures, one of 0,6 Ha and another of 0,7 Ha, each for 3 bears.

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Kecil before

Kecil before







Kecil now - in small enclosure

Kecil now – in small enclosure







South fence of the 2 Ha enclosure

South fence of the 2 Ha enclosure









We’ve made good progress in the last few weeks. We’ve finished the construction of the small enclosure in which the bears will learn to familiarize themselves with the electric fencing. All that needs to be done now is set…

Work in progress on the enclosure project

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October Update

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