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Our projects for 2018/2019

September 2018 update

Arkana in Enclosure E

Arkana in Enclosure E

It took longer than planned, but Enclosure E was finally completed in June and 3 bears, Oscar, Arkana and Sibear are now enjoying it. Arkana is particularly happy because she really hates being locked up. She arrived at Samboja Lestari as a cub many years ago and went for daily walks in the forest until she got too big to handle. She was then kept in a cage for many years but is now happy to have some space and freedom again. She loves to climb the trees and sleep in them.

During the months of July and August we had a new “training enclosure” built. This is small enclosure of about 300 m2 in which the bears learn about electric fencing. They usually spend a few weeks in this enclosure where they can be monitored and are then transferred to a large forest enclosure in which they recognise the same electric fence that they have learnt to respect. So we now have 2 training enclosures at Samboja where up to 6 bears can get ready for the large forest enclosures.

Oscar and Sibear

Oscar and Sibear

We are now beginning work on Enclosure F at Samboja Lestari. This enclosure will be 0,95 hectares in size with 4 dens. The 4 bears who will be moved to this new enclosure are now in the Training Enclosure, learning about the electric fencing. Enclosure F will be entirely paid for by BOS Switzerland and we hope to finish it by the end of November.

This fall Sunbear Outreach also plans to make another 1 hectare forest enclosure and 5 dens for the bears at the Care Centre of the Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) in Central Kalimantan. The budget needed for this is USD 48 000. OFI doesn’t have the resources to help financially, so Sunbear Outreach needs to find all the funds on its own. I hope to raise the money and get the enclosure built before the end of 2018 so that it can become a new home for a poor bear kept in very bad conditions in a town called Tanjung Selor, as you can see on the pictures.

Sunbear in private home

Sunbear in private home


Map of enclosures at BOS Samboja Lestari

Map of enclosures at BOS Samboja Lestari






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30 April 2018 Update

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10 February 2018 Update

At the Sun Bear Sanctuary of BOSF Samboja Lestari, Kalimantan, Indonesia, Windi and Petung have been enjoying the Enclosure D with its 0,67 Ha of forest since January 17th. Windi has hardly been seen since the 17th, she spends…

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At the Sun Bear Sanctuary of BOSF Samboja Lestari, Kalimantan, Indonesia, we built 3 large forest enclosures from January to September 2017 for a total of 13 bears. Our objective is to build another 12 enclosures over an area…

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All is going well at the BOSF sun bear sanctuary in Samboja Lestari, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The first 1,65 Ha forest enclosure that we’ve been working on for the last 3 months is finished and has become the new…

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The 3 sun bears, Apang, Kecil and Dawai, have been given access to the small enclosure since January 8th. It took a few trials for Apang and Kecil to understand the electric fencing but they now completely avoid touching…


We’ve made good progress in the last few weeks. We’ve finished the construction of the small enclosure in which the bears will learn to familiarize themselves with the electric fencing. All that needs to be done now is set…