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18 Septembre 2023 Update

Brutus July 2023

Brutus July 2023

Brutus Sept 2023

Brutus Sept 2023

Since March 2023, 5 new bears have arrived at the sun bear sanctuary of Samboja Lestari in East Kalimantan, run by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF). Brutus, an adult male, arrived in July. He used to be kept in a park of a town called Tarakan, where Sun Bear Outreach had built a large cage for him in 2017, for lack of being able to do more. Later he was moved to different places where he must have suffered a lot, because by the time he arrived at Samboja Lestari, the poor animal was just skin and bones, and looking miserable.

Kerin, Brutus and Loo – Sept 2023

Lou and Kerin are 2 adult females who arrived in the center in April. They too had been kept in Tarakan, under the names of Rina and Fitri. I had come across them by chance in 2017 and had done what I could to improve their welfare in Tarakan. Like Brutus, it seems that Loo and Kerin have spent all their lives in cages, but now that they are at Samboja Lestari, they will soon be able to enjoy a bit of forest.


Choki and Bakar Sept 2023

Choki and Bakar Sept 2023

The 2 cubs who arrived at Samboja Lestari are Bakar and Choki. Both are males, both are about the same age, probably born in February or March 2023 and both have been hand raised. They are orphans but have bonded with Pablo, a volunteer who cares for them and spends his days in the forest with them. The cubs are healthy and best buddies, playing and enjoying the forest most of the day.

Choki and Bakar Sept 2023

Choki and Bakar Sept 2023

Unfortunately, by the time the cubs are 1 year old, it will become increasingly difficult to walk them in the forest and they will need to be moved to a forest enclosure. But the center is now in over capacity and all the forest enclosures are occupied. The plan is to split an old enclosure called Middle Yard in 2 in order to accommodate 2 older bears who are now in Enclosure B, thus allowing the cubs to move to B. The cost of splitting Middle Yard and building 2 new dens is estimated at 8500 USD.

Funds are difficult to get these days, so your donation, however small, will be very much appreciated. Thank you.

19 April 2023 update

Since the beginning of 2023, we have focused our efforts on doing maintenance on the sun bear enclosures, renovating cages and building climbing structures for the bears at the rescue centres of both the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF)…

7 December 2022 Update

The new 1 Ha forest enclosure at Samboja Lestari in East Kalimantan is finished and it has been the home to a group of 5 bears since 29th November 2022. A big thank you to all the donors of…

18 July 2022 Update

I’m happy to write that the construction of a new large forest enclosure at the Samboja Lestari rescue centre in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, is progressing steadily under the supervision of Philip Stubley, our long term volunteer. In the end,…

2 June 2022 UPDATE

I’m am happy to announce the construction of a new large forest enclosure for 3 sun bears at the Samboja Lestari rescue centre in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Construction work is scheduled to begin mid June under the supervision of…

11 January 2022 update

I have been in France since August 2020 and have not yet been able to go back to Indonesia to pursue the projects of Sun Bear Outreach. I had bought a ticket to go back in July 2021 but…

July 3rd 2021 UPDATE

I had bought a ticket to go back to Indonesia on July 18th, but the COVID situation there is going from bad to worse and travel restrictions for foreigners entering the country are still in place. Unfortunately I have…



  While the main focus of Sun Bear Outreach is to improve the wellbeing of captive sun bears, we are happy to help all animals in need. Empathy is what drives us but our compassion is not limited to…

3 December 2020 update

Despite the COVID pandemic, renovation work at the Wildlife Rescue Centre (WRC) in Jogjakarta, Indonesia is progressing slowly but surely. This is thanks to your donations and to the work of Tojeiro, a young Dutch volunteer who is working…

29 August 2020 Update

Thanks to your donations and to a long term volunteer who is working full time at the Wildlife Rescue Centre (WRC) in Jogjakarta, Indonesia, 3 of the renovations we had planed are done and the others are in progress:…