Khala - Dec 2019

Khala – Dec 2019

The immediate objective for 2020 will be to transfer all the adult sun bears of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) into the new forest enclosures that we have built at the Samboja Lestari rescue centre.

Madu - Dec 2019

Madu – Dec 2019

The second objective will be to begin the process of reintroducing back to the wild, if not all, at least some of the 5 sun bear cubs now at the Samboja Lestari rescue centre. This will imply equipping the cubs with tracking devices, transferring them to release sites and finding volunteers and local staff to walk the cubs daily in the forest until they are about 2 years old and can fend for themselves.

Pampy - Dec 2019

Pampy – Dec 2019

A third objective is to help the Wildlife Rescue Centre (WRC) in Jogjakarta, Indonesia, improve the facilities of the 150 animals in its care. This is a big job that will probably take several years. We’ve started in 2019 by building a new cage to allow the 2 sun bears Bedu and Tegan to be together, but a lot more needs to be done.

2020 will be another busy year, but we can’t do anything without your help. Thanks for your support.