Map of enclosures at BOS Samboja Lestari

The objective in 2019 is to complete the construction of the 10 enclosures (F to O on the map) that we began in September 2018 at the BOS Samboja Lestari Sanctuary in East Kalimantan Indonesia, thanks to the funding of BOS Switzerland. We aim at having all the 63 sun bears of BOS settled in their new forest enclosures by the end 2019.


New platforms at Cikananga

New platforms at Cikananga

In early 2019, we collaborated with the Cikananga Wildlife Rescue Centre in Java to imrpove the wellbeing of their 3 sunbears. We proposed and financed the construction of platforms in the bears’ cages so that they could enjoy more of the available space. We hope to be able to do more for these bears in the future.

Sun Bear Outreach also aims at having a new 1 hectare forest enclosure built in Central Kalimantan Indonesia where the Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) has 4 bears presently kept in cages. Construction of this new enclosure should take place in the Fall of 2019.

Sun Bear Outreach is also collaborating with the Wildlife Rescue Centre (WRC) next to Yogjakarta in Java to help improve the wellbeing of its 2 sun bears. We plan to have a new cage built so that the 2 sun bears (Bedu and Tegan) can be introduced to one another. Later, in 2020 we would like to make a large outdoor enclosure for them and also help WRC improve the facilities of all the other animals in its care.

Christie in Enclosure F

Christie in Enclosure F at BOS SL

Patrick Rouxel, founder of Sun Bear Outreach, is on site in Indonesia working full time to supervise the construction of the enclosures and the introduction of the bears into their new homes. Patrick equally controls the expenses for making the enclosures to make sure every dollar is spent wisely.

What we do is a drop of water in view of the global issue, but for each individual bear we help it means a lot.

Kumala and Apang in Enclosure C

Kumala and Apang in Enclosure C at BOS SL

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