As I write these words on March 11th 2021, Sun Bear Outreach has 3 goals for this year. Fingers crossed that the COVID pandemic will allow us to achieve them.

Lucy and Alaya - June 2020

Lucy and Alaya – June 2020

Our first goal for 2021 is to build a 1 acre forest enclosure for 2 young sun bears, Lucy and Alaya, at the Samboja Lestari sanctuary of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) in Indonesia. Lucy and Alaya are presently in an old inadequate enclosure with only a few trees in it. They are too habituated to humans to be released back to the wild and thus deserve the best possible captive conditions to live in. The total budget for building a 1 acre enclosure and 2 dens is about 30.000 Euros. To this date, we have raised 20.000 Euros for this project and I am ready to go to Indonesia to get the construction started as soon as it is possible to travel there again. Of course, we will also need to find the missing 10.000 Euros.

Our second objective is to help the Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) in the transfer of 5 sun bears to a 2 acres enclosure that we built last year on OFI land. This enclosure was finished in February 2020 but because of the COVID pandemic, the transfer of the bears has not yet taken place and the bears are still waiting in inadequate cages. It is a real pity to have those 5 bears stuck in cages while a large forest enclosure is waiting for them just a few miles away.

Jayan - Spotted Wood Owl

Jayan – Spotted Wood Owl at WRC

Our third objective is to continue helping the Wildlife Rescue Centre (WRC) of Jogjakarta in improving the wellbeing of its residents. In 2020, Sun Bear Outreach paid for the renovation of many of its facilities and we hope to continue doing so this year. As soon as travel to Indonesia possible, I will go on site and determine with the people running WRC what further improvements need to be done and how much it will all cost.

If we can achieve these 3 goals before the end of the year despite the on going COVID pandemic that would be great. If we can do more, all the better.

Patrick Rouxel, CEO Sun Bear Outreach