Lucy and Alaya - June 2020

Lucy and Alaya – June 2020

Unfortunately for the bears, all the projects of Sun Bear Outreach for 2021 were put on stand-by. The reasons for this were both the Covid pandemic and family obligations that I had to attend to.

Our main project for 2021 was to build another large forest enclosure for Lucy and Alaya at the Samboja Lestari sanctuary of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) in Indonesia. We had (and still have) the funds necessary to build this enclosure but I was not able to go back to Indonesia in 2021 to get the project done, and I don’t know anyone that could complete this mission for me.

Jayan - Spotted Wood Owl

Jayan – Spotted Wood Owl at WRC

Another objective we had for 2021 was to continue helping the Wildlife Rescue Centre (WRC) of Jogjakarta in improving the wellbeing of its residents through construction projects, but WRC has been asked to relocate its facilities because a highway will soon cross its land. So instead of helping WRC renovate its old facilities, we will help WRC build new facilities once it has secured a new place for the animals, hopefully in 2022.

Patrick Rouxel