3 May 2024 Update

Choki, Bakar and Nur - April 2024

Choki, Bakar and Nur – April 2024

The 3 cubs Choki, Bakar and Nur at BOS Samboja Lestari are doing well and are now all together in a 0,7 Ha forest enclosure. They are buddies and we actually don’t see them much because they spend most of their time together in the big trees in the enclosure. The fourth cub, Wis is also doing well. She is spending more than 8 hours a day in the forest with Tori, a long term volunteer, developing her skills at foraging, climbing trees and being a bear. She is now about 6 months old and in another 6 months, when she is old enough and big enough, she will join the other 3 cubs.

Fleur in her new enclosure - April 2024

Fleur in her new enclosure – April 2024

In March we finished the renovation of an individual enclosure at Samboja and then moved an older female bear called Fleur to this new home. Fleur does not like the company of other bears and for many years she was kept in a small outdoor enclosure normally used for training the bears to the electric fence. Now Fleur has a much larger space for herself and seems quite happy about the change.

Wis and Tori - April 2024

Wis and Tori – April 2024

I have the pleasure to announce that our campaign to raise 90,000 USD to save an elephant called Boua in Laos was successful. I’m happy that Boua will never have to carry tourists on her back, perform tricks in front of crowds or pull heavy logs in the forest. Boua is now assured a peaceful life at the Elephant Conservation Center (ECC) and she will hopefully one day become a mother and be successfully reintroduced into the wild.


A big thank you to all of you for your donations and for allowing Sun Bear Outreach to help improve animal welfare in S.E. Asia.


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