Map of enclosures A to 0

From October 2016 to August 2017, Sun Bear Outreach in collaboration the Borneo Orangutan Foundation International Foundation (BOSF), built 3 large forest enclosures for 13 bears (enclosures A, B and C on the map) and one Training Enclosure (TE on the map) in which the bears learn to recognise and avoid the electric fence. Our objective is to build another 12 enclosures (from D to O).

Patrick Rouxel, founder of Sun Bear Outreach, is on site as a long term volunteer to supervise the construction of the enclosures, the training of the bears to the electric fence and their introduction into the enclosures. Patrick equally controls the expenses for making the enclosures, which are funded primarily by BOS Switzerland and Sun Bear Outreach.

Enclosure A seen from the sky (1,65 Ha)

The bears at Samboja Lestari are all adults who cannot go back to the wild because they are too habituated to humans and don’t have the skills to survive in the wild. But they don’t deserve to be locked up, on the contrary, they deserve the best possible captive life we can give them, which is to have access to some of their natural habitat and enjoy a social life with other bears.


Arkana in Enclosure A

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Jay in enclosure A









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