Work in progress on the enclosure project

I’m happy to share with you this short video explaining the project now under way. The cost to build a training enclosure, 3 holding dens and a 2 hectare forest enclosure is about 50 000 €. You can see the details of this budget in the attached flyer below. (just click on the link)

So far, Sun Bear Outreach have managed to raise 28 000 € of the 50 000 € needed to complete the project. So we now need to find another 22 000 € !

I hope you can help. Any small amount would be very much appreciated, because in the end they all add up, and they’ll allow us to finish this first 2 Ha enclosure, which will be like paradise for the 6 bears who will enjoy it.

On behalf of the bears, thank you for your support.

Patrick Rouxel


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