Gulu-gulu the cassowary at OFU

While the main focus of Sun Bear Outreach is to improve the wellbeing of captive sun bears, we are happy to help all animals in need. Empathy is what drives us but our compassion is not limited to sun bears, it applies to all animals.

Sibin - Binturong et WRC

Sibin – Binturong et WRC

At the Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) in Borneo where we’ve built forest enclosures for the bears, we also built a large enclosure for Gulu-gulu, the cassowary, and we made many improvements to the cages of the gibbons, the macaques, the binturongs and the orang-utans.

At the Wildlife Rescue Centre of Jogjakarta (WRC), once we helped improve the well-being of the 2 sun bears, we financed the renovation of large dome cages for the macaques, the binturongs and the gibbons. We also helped in the renovation of the aviaries for the eagles.


Volunteers making enrichment for the sun bears

Fleur enjoying her enrichment

Fleur enjoying her enrichment

In addition to the enclosures we build and the renovations that we handle, we also train the Indonesian staff to the notion of “animal welfare”. We welcome volunteers from around the world to come work with the local staff and have them participate in improving the day to day life of the animals that they are responsible for. Working together on making enrichment for the animals is a good way for foreigners and locals to meet and exchange. And in the end it is also good for the animals.

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