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3 December 2020 update

New mesh roof on eagles’ aviary – WRC Nov 2020

Despite the COVID pandemic, renovation work at the Wildlife Rescue Centre (WRC) in Jogjakarta, Indonesia is progressing slowly but surely. This is thanks to your donations and to the work of Tojeiro, a young Dutch volunteer who is working full time at WRC. The eagles now have new fence roofs on their aviary and pre-release cages, the orang-utans and the gibbons have a new drinking system in place and the binturongs will soon have a new large dome enclosure for themselves.

Sibin - Binturong et WRC

Sibin – Binturong et WRC

At the Samboja Lestari rescue centre of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF), the local staff is caring for the 71 sun bears since my return to France in August 2020. I am told that all the bears are well and that the dirt road which goes around the enclosures will soon be paved. My next project at Samboja Lestari will be the construction of a new 0,5 Ha forest enclosure with 2 dens for the 2 cubs Lucy and Alaya. I had hope to get construction going before the end of 2020 but travel restrictions to Indonesia have made it impossible for me to go there and get the project started.

Alaya - Samboja Lestari June 2020

Alaya – Samboja Lestari June 2020

As I wait for the green light to go back to Samboja Lestari, I continue to fundraise for the new enclosure for Lucy and Alaya. So far, Sun Bear Outreach has raised 20.000 euros or the 30.000 necessary. I’m hoping that BOS Switzerland will be able to chip in but I don’t know how much yet. So if you want to help make a new forest enclosure for 2 sun bear cubs, don’t hesitate to make a donation. Any amount is welcomed.

Lucy - Samboja Lestari June 2020

Lucy – Samboja Lestari June 2020

In the mean time, please watch my latest short video on the sun bears at Samboja Lestari.


Thank you for your support.



29 August 2020 Update

Thanks to your donations and to a long term volunteer who is working full time at the Wildlife Rescue Centre (WRC) in Jogjakarta, Indonesia, 3 of the renovations we had planed are done and the others are in progress:…

28 March 2020 update

As the coronavirus spreads around the world and countries lock down one after the other, it becomes increasingly difficult for many animal rescue centres that depend financially on visitors and volunteers to be able to meet their running costs…

17 December 2019 UPDATE

Construction of the 15 forest enclosures (A to O) is going well at Samboja Lestari, the rescue centre of Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF). They are all done except for one, Enclosure J, which we are now working on.…

Pampy, Madu, Khala and Tanky

The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation now has 4 sun bear cubs! -Pampy (6 months old) female, arrived at BOS Samboja on 14 September, now going out in the forest every day at the rescue centre. -Madu (7 months old)…

November 2019 Update

Maria arrived at Samboja Lestari in East Kalimantan, Borneo in 2008 with her male partner called Fahri. They were both originally from Sumatra and had spent some years in a rescue centre in Sulawesi. At Samboja they were kept…


All is going well with the construction of the enclosures at the Borneo Orangutan Survival sanctuary in Samboja, East Kalimantan. We recently received 7 new bears from the other BOS sanctuary in Nyaru Menteng who will soon be going…

2nd May 2019 UPDATE

I’m happy to write that the 4 bears Jojo, Haq, Christie and Wiwin are now enjoying their new home called Enclosure F : a 0,8 hectare (2 acres) enclosure of dense rainforest. These bears have known nothing more than…

January 20th 2019 update

Thanks to the financial support of BOS Switzerland, the construction of the sun bear enclosures at BOS Samboja Lestari in East Kalimantan Indonesia is going very well. Rather than making the enclosures one by one as we had been…

September 2018 update

It took longer than planned, but Enclosure E was finally completed in June and 3 bears, Oscar, Arkana and Sibear are now enjoying it. Arkana is particularly happy because she really hates being locked up. She arrived at Samboja…